Useful to know

There are several important things every foreign citizen coming to Belarus should know.
Belarusian people are warm and hospitable. It’s not for nothing that one of the features of the Belarusian mentality is tolerance towards people of another nationality, race or denomination. The country has always been the cross-cultural area where individualism of the West and Eastern European recollection, Northern calmness and Southern ‘temperament’ crossed.
Today Belarus is home for more than 100 different nationalities. Many international students who have lived some time in other European countries, with great satisfaction make special mention of Belarusians’ hospitality and cordiality, their friendly attitude towards visitors from abroad.
At the same time one must not forget that Gomel, like any other city, is not equally safe. We recommend you to be careful in the streets, watch your belongings and avoid visiting Gomel outskirts at night.
Here are the emergency numbers: 
Emergency Services (Fire Brigade) - 101 
Police - 102 
Ambulance - 103
You can dial free from any telephone booth!
Stay of foreign citizens in Belarus is regulated by special rules, violation of which can be subjected to administrative punishment or deportation. So always carry identification documents. Make sure you have and carry a copy of your passport.
Detailed information about the rules of stay of foreign citizens in Belarus is available at the webiste of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and at the International Relations Department of the University (Room 3-28).

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