About the University

   Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives is the only cooperative higher education institution of Belcoopsoyuz in the Republic of Belarus training qualified specialists for the system of consumer cooperatives, as well as for other spheres of national economy. History of Educational Institution “Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives” had its beginning in 1964 with the opening in Gomel of the Consultative unit of Moscow Cooperative Institute of Central Union of Consumer Cooperatives of the USSR (Centrosoyuz). On its basis the Department of Correspondence Course of Moscow Cooperative Institute was opened in 1968, which was reorganized into Gomel branch of the Institute in 1975. In 1979 in accordance with the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR dated 29.06.1979 № 632 Gomel branch began to function as an independent institution - Gomel Cooperative Institute of  Centrosoyuz.
   Further milestones of status formation of the educational institution corresponded to historical changes in society and development of national educational system. In 1992 in connection with the termination of activity of Centrosoyuz of the USSR, Gomel Cooperative Institute was handed under the supervision of Belkoopsoyuz. Then, in 1993 at a joint board meeting of Belkoopsoyuz and the Academic Council, Gomel Cooperative Institute of Belkoopsoyuz was defined as basic educational institution in the system of cooperative education of the Republic of Belarus including also six educational-industrial complexes of “Vocational-technical school - technical college” and one specialized school. In 2000 the Institute was recognized as the leading educational institution in the system of lifelong cooperative learning in the Republic of Belarus.
   In 2001 Gomel Cooperative Institute successfully passed certification on compliance to educational institution of university type and same year was renamed into Educational Institution “Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives”.
   In November 2011 the University successfully passed state accreditation following which by the order of the Ministry of education of the Republic of Belarus of 6.12.2011 № 754 the  Certificate No. 0000535 on the state accreditation of Educational Institution “Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives” on compliance to the declared type of profession-oriented university was issued (in accordance with the order of Department of quality  control of education of the Ministry of education of the Republic of Belarus of November 18, 2011 № 182).
   The University has necessary licenses and certificates.
   According to Special permit (license) the University is eligible to perform training of specialists with higher education in 14 specialties (including 4 directions of specialties and 22 specializations) in the 1st level of higher education and 19 specialties in the 2nd level of higher education within the limit number of trainees in the following forms of training: full course (day-time) – 2700 persons, full course (evening-time) – 400 persons, correspondence course – 7000 persons.
   The University has the Certificate on the state registration as the scientific organization (the certificate on accreditation of the scientific organization of 23.12.2013 № 216 in the State Committee on Science and Technologies of the Republic of Belarus and National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, valid till 22.12.2018).
   Now BTEU is a research and educational center. Structure of the University (since November, 2014) includes three faculties of day and correspondence forms of training (including 13 departments), Faculty of Qualification Improvement and Personnel Retraining (including 1 department), Department of Postgraduate Course, Department of Distance Learning Technologies and Innovations, Department of Career Guidance of Youth, Department of Coordination of Scientific Projects and Programs, Department of International Relations, etc. Since 2010 the University functions according with the certified Quality Management System of education meeting the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009; in 2013 the University successfully passed recertification of QMS.
   One of competitive advantages of cooperative education and factors of improvement of quality of training of specialists at Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives is integration of secondary vocational and higher education. This integrated system, effective from the point of view of special training and reduction of timing of receiving education, approved itself and is actively used in the system of consumer cooperation.
   The University builds relationship with establishments of secondary vocational education on the basis of agreements on continuous training of specialist. The educational program of Postgraduate course providing conferring of scientific qualification "Researcher" is implemented at the University in 5 specialties. The educational program of retraining of high-level personnel and specialists having higher education is offered in 25 specialties. The educational program of retraining of high-level personnel and specialists having secondary vocational education is offered in 2 specialties. Applicants are offered to complete the educational programs training for admission to higher education institutions of the Republic of Belarus in the form of training courses on studying of subjects and special disciplines for the purpose of training of listeners for the centralized testing and for entrance tests of graduates of colleges.
   Starting from 2014 implementation of an educational program of additional education of children and youth (in the form of association on interests (club) – "English (1, 2, 3 level) on educational-methodical complex “Fairy Land”, and associations on interests (club) "Linguistic camp for school pupils" is being complemented (from 9 years).
   The total number of employees at the University in November 2014 was 767 persons, including leading personnel - 115 persons, specialists (including academic staff) - 438 persons.
   The staff is constantly improving pedagogical and professional skills, uses innovative technologies in the educational process, working closely with organizations and enterprises of consumer cooperatives and other forms of property. Teaching, and respectively, the formation of skills of future specialists is carried out in accordance with modern requirements dictated by the labor market. Innovative technology and interactive teaching methods are actively implemented in the educational process, distance learning is being actively developed.
   The significant role in strengthening of practical training, effective interaction of the University with the organizations is achieved by creation of 13 branches of departments which allows to provide essential integration of education, production and science.
   The University is actively pursuing a policy of integration into the world educational, scientific and cultural space. For the purpose of implementation of the state policy to increase export of educational services BTEU considerably increased the contingent of foreign students in the recent years. Thus, in 2013-2014 academic year foreign citizens from Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Russia, Moldova, Nigeria, Syria, and Turkey were trained in various educational programs. Business cooperation with foreign HEIs is being developed by implementation of the existing cooperation agreements. The most successful and dynamic partnership is conducted with countries of the former Soviet Union – Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Permanent partners from far-abroad countries are HEIs from Sweden, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece and Portugal. Recently there appeared new partnership skills with HEIs from Belgium and Great Britain. The University performs bilateral agreements with 36 foreign organizations. For the purpose of further attraction for training of foreign citizens and improvement of the contents and technologies of educational activity at the University teaching of particular subjects is conducted in English since 2013.
   The University has two academic buildings with a total area about 15 thousand sq.m for the organization of educational process; there are, as well, more than 100 auditoriums and lecture halls, including ones, equipped with stationary multimedia complexes, small assembly hall, 21 computer classes of general and special purposes with the total amount of about 240 personal computers, computer laboratory for independent work of students, class for computer-based testing, an electronic reading-room, a class of automation of trade, classes for webinars, etc.
   Library of BTEU has one of the best in Gomel region fund of economic literature and contains about one million of national and foreign volumes. In functioning of the University the automated information library system (AILS) is used.
   BTEU has five well-equipped dormitories accommodating 2.265 persons. Each and every nonresident student of the University is provided with the accommodation at the dormitory.
   The sports base of the University consists of the sports campus with a total area of 3,3 thousand sq.m for 2 600 persons with the full range of necessary sports and fitness halls, four sports grounds, stadium with a football pitch for mini-soccer, a basketball court, a racetrack and sector for long jumps.
   BTEU has modern editorial-and-publishing base, including private polygraphy. The scientific and practical magazine "Consumer cooperatives" included in the list of scientific publications of Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus is issued on the basis of the University.
   The student's club has a big assembly hall for 800 persons, 8 rehearsal rooms and a dance floor.
   Long-term activity of the University in preparation of highly qualified personnel for national economy was always appreciated by the state. In 2005 and 2014 the University was awarded by Certificates of honor of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus. The President of the Republic of Belarus adopted a number of Decrees concerning activity of the University, thereby BTEU and its graduates have privileges similar to the privileges provided to graduates and HEIs of the state form of ownership.
   The wealth of experience gained over 50 years allows to hope for the further perspective development of the University based on active use of innovative educational technologies, every possible development of scientific potential, international cooperation, close interaction with the organizations of consumer cooperatives and government institutions and aimed at wellbeing and success.