Rector of the University:

 LEBEDZEVA Sviatlana

Professor, Doctor of Economics

Graduated from: Gomel Cooperative Institute of Centrosoyuz in 1984, the Economy Research Institute of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus (postgraduate school) in 1994, Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives (doctoral school) in 2005.
Scientific Works: Monograph "The Methodology and Mechanism of Wage Regulation", collective monograph "Efficiency Evaluation of External Economic Activity of Regional Enterprises", cycle of articles on the problems of wage regulation, published in the "Belarusian Economics Journal," in the journals: "Finance, Accounting, Audit" "BSEU Bulletin", "Consumer Cooperatives", "Man and Labour" (Russia), "The Economist" (Ukraine), etc.; text-books and manuals "Economics of Foreign Countries", "International Economics", "Foreign Trade Policy", "Economics and Organization of Labour", "Economics of Trade Enterprise" (more than 30 text-books and manuals approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus).
Honors: Diploma of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus (2004), Certificate of acknowledgement of Gomel region Executive Committee (2008), Jubilee Honorary Diploma of Gomel region Council of Deputies and Gomel region Executive Committee (2013), Honorary Diploma of Belcoopsoyuz Management Board (2013), Diploma of Merit of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus (2013), Diploma of Merit of Gomel branch of the National Academy of Sciences (2014), Personal allowances for outstanding contributions to the socio-economic development of the Republic of Belarus (2005), Honorary title "Person of the year" in the category "Best researcher of the year " of Belcoopsoyuz (2008).
Responsible for: general management of education activity, research and innovations, academic activity, production and economic activities, financial and economic activities.
Coordinates the work of: Council of the University, Rectorate, Accounting Office, Financial Department, Personnel Department, Strategic Planning and Analysis Department, Records and Inspection Office, Department of Professional Orientation of Youth.

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First Vice-Rector:


Associate professor, PhD in Economics

Graduated from: Gomel Cooperative Institute of Belcoopsoyuz in specialty "Economics and Management in Trade and Public Catering" in 1992, Gomel Cooperative Institute (postgraduate school in specialty 08.00.05 "Economics and Management of the National Economy").
Scientific Works:more than 80 scientific, educational and methodical works, including tutorials approved by the Ministry of Education "Economics of Trade Enterprise", "Economics of Trading Enterprises", "Labour Organization in Trade"; practical manual "Seller", electronic educational-methodical complex "Industry Economy".
Area of scientific interests: material incentives and rationing of labor of trade workers, efficiency and economic security of the sphere of goods circulation.
Responsible for: general management of organization of educational activities at the University; coordination of maintenance and development of the quality management system at the University; coordination and management of scientific and methodological work of lecturers; coordination of academic and methodological associations of lecturers of Belcoopsoyuz education institutions.
Coordinates the work of: Faculty of Economics and Management, Faculty of Accounting and Finance, Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Qualification Improvement and Personnel Retraining, Minsk branch, branch "Mogilev Trade College"Educational-Methodical Department, faculties’ departments of the University.

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Vice-Rector for Research:


Associate professor, PhD in Technical Science

Graduated from: Educational Institution "Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives" in 2002, Educational Institution "Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives" in 2020 (postgraduate school) in 2009.
Scientific Works: more than 70 scientific and educational-methodical works, including monograph "Biodegradable Polymer Packaging Based on Electrets" (Germany, 2013), four patents for inventions of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, a series of articles on the development of ecological packaging published in domestic, Russian and foreign scientific journals "Biotechnology", "Consumer Cooperatives", "Materials Science", "Materials. Technology. Instruments”, “Reports of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”, “Ecology Plus”, “Ecological Bulletin of Russia”, “Solid Waste”, “Internation Polymer Processing”, “International Scientific Journal Theoretical & Applied Science”, etc.
Area of scientific interests: commodity science of non-foods, polymer processing technology, packaging polymer materials.
Responsible for: coordinates and manages research and scientific-methodological work of lecturers, research and development of students, master, postgraduates and doctoral students; training of highly qualified researchers, retraining and advanced training of lecturers; organization and holding of scientific and practical conferences; publication of textbooks, teaching guides, methodological developments and other educational literature.
Coordinates the work of: Department of Coordination of Scientific Projects and Programs, Postgraduate School, Library, Publishing Center, Minsk branch, branch "Mogilev Trade College", faculties and departments in terms of research work of lecturers, students, masters, postgraduate students and applicants.

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Vice-Rector for Educational Work:


Associate professor, PhD in Legal Sciences

Graduated from: Francisk Skorina Gomel State University in 1999, The Belarusian State University (postgraduate school) in 2003.
Scientific Works: monographs "Preventive Supervision" (2003), "Preventive Supervision and Preventive Supervision in the System of Post-Penalty Control Measures" (2017); collective monograph "Gender Criminology (2020)", more than 150 scientific and scientific-methodical works, including publications abroad.
Area of scientific interests: criminal law; penal law; criminology.
Responsible for: organizes ideological and educational work, its staff assistance, coordination of activities of subdivisions and public organizations in the field of ideological and educational work. Manages development of international cooperation of the University, academic mobility of lecturers, students and graduate students of the University. Carries out organization and management of cultural and mass sports work at the University.
Coordinates the work of: Department of Ideological and Educational Work with Youth, hostels in terms of ideological and educational work, Student Club, Sports Club in terms of organizing sports and sports events, public organizations of the University, primary organization of NGO "Belarusian Republican Youth Union", International Relations Department.

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Vice-Rector for Administrative Work:


Graduated from: Francisk Skorina Gomel State University in 1999 in specialty "Physical Culture", Educational Institution "Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives" in 2014.
Area of scientific interests: is the chairman of the primary organization OSVOD, a member of the Civil defense unit, a member of the coordination council of the University. Currently trains the University team in mini-football, which has become the winner of the Cup and Super Cup in Gomel, the winner and prize-winner of various competitions at regional and republican levels.
Responsible for: organizes work on maintenance, operation, repair and construction of the material and technical base of the University, supplying the University with material and technical resources; organization and control over the state of labor protection and fire safety at the University.
Coordinates the work of:  Department of Chief Power Engineer, Facility Department (educational building №1, educational and sports building and assembly hall), housing and communal area (hostels №1, №2, №3, №5), Department of Material and Technical Supply, Transport Service.

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